Localization Department

Scientific Data Solutions You Can Trust

Your success is our priority. That’s why we customize our research approach to meet the specific needs of our clients. We want your results to be as valid and valuable as possible. Why? Because we know medical research is the key to healthier humans worldwide; and because we understand your work will make the difference in current and future generations.We believe the work you’re doing will provide medical breakthroughs to a wide range of patient populations. Trust us with your research study. We promise to deliver open communication, on-time and on-budget results, and the highest standard of quality control.


Data Collection

We help you navigate data compliance while collecting and analyzing raw data and turning it into valuable information. Our experienced staff will engage with your audience for an observational study or to determine the efficacy of a therapy, technology or service. Our team will collect real-world data through on-site medical personnel, face-to-face patient interviews, online questionnaires or telephone surveys.

Physician Recruitment

Our proven and exhaustive recruitment methodologies give us access to the most talented medical and healthcare professionals. Our consultants have a wealth of medical and healthcare experience and a comprehensive talent database at their disposal. They will work with you throughout the recruitment process to locate doctors, nurses and other healthcare practitioners who have the medical expertise to meet your needs. We will find you the perfect candidates. You can count on it.

Patient Database

We conduct fast and efficient surveys and market research using our growing database of chronic patients worldwide. Our database and our ability to safeguard our patient identities continue to grow, allowing us to conduct more complex research efficiently with the use of technology.