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We build new innovative, digital, and revolutionary services for the medical and life science linguistic sectors.

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What we do

We are focused on bringing value and innovation into medical and life science linguistic service sectors. Our approach consists of creating digital software solutions, speeding up processes, creating professional specialized teams, and creating high-quality reliable quality assurance processes.

Linguistic Validation

We have the worlds first and only linguistic validation software.

Medical Translation

Our teams are exclusively dealing with medical and life science texts.

Medical Interpretation

Our medical teams and customized software solution bring the best value service in the market.

Solving challenges

Who we are

“At Novimedgroup we are aspiring to provide the perfect linguistic, cultural and professional image of your message. We try to do that by hiring the best professionals in each field and country with a scrutinized review process involving the newest technologies available in the field”

Supporting Your Clinical Research Needs

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NovimedGroup is trusted by many healthcare and research organizations. In the last decade, we have been providing quality solutions for leading CROs, pharmaceutical organizations, and Clinical research institutions. We provide software and clinical and linguistic solutions for challenging projects and research.

Our Technology

World's First Full Stack Linguistic Validation Software

We built a wholesome ecosystem to conduct your validation process in, we designed a cloud software to fit the needs of clinical researchers, linguists, patients, and regulators.

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Customized Cloud CAT Tool

We built a special CAT tool that provides the best environment for linguistic validation and medical translation. Our tool is customized for medical use, glossaries, commenting and discussion system, QA tool, clinician's reviews, and more.

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Pioneering Linguistic Solution

Our goal and vision are to provide quality and new solutions to industries. We research our processes and provide software and systematic solutions to continue to improve the industry's performance, decrease spending, and increase quality.

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