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Our Experience And Dedication To Medical Linguistics Are Essential

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As the only multinational, exclusively medical specialized and dedicated language service provider, our working protocols, in house built technologies, specialized teams, QA processes and more, create a unique medically customized language solutions. We will walk you through a smooth, seamless, innovative and professional medical content localization process.

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“At Novimedgroup we are aspiring to providing the perfect linguistic, cultural and professional image of your message. We try to do that by hiring the best professionals in each field and country with a scrutinized review process involving the newest technologies available in the field”

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Certified Operations

We are proud to offer you certified medical language services. All our operations are performed in accordance with the highest practice standards in the industry according to ISO 17100:2015, ISO 13485:2016.


What is medical Validation of tanslation?

Medical Validation of a translation is a process in which a local certified medical doctor, checks and validates the finally translated text.

What is medical translation?

Medical translation is the practice of translating any content that is attributed to a medical domain like: cardiology, internal medicine, pharmacology, microbiology, etc. These services are consumed by many entities: Hospitals, Pharmaceutical companies, CROs, Medical devices companies, individuals, content creators.etc.

What is medical validation?

Medical validation is an official document, provided by a local medical expert. In this document, the local medical doctor approves the translation and signs the medical validity of the translation, as to a specific country, jurisdiction, use and language.

Do you provide medical verification for other translation agencies?

Yes, since NovimedGroup has the most advanced and pioneering medical language systems. Many translation agencies use our systems to legally verify the translation they performed, acquire quality review and other value added services.

How do you choose your linguistic experts?

NovimedGroup is dedicated to providing the finest linguistic services in medical domains. We run specific tests in various medical fields to assign a field of expertise to each team member. Furthermore, we hire linguistic experts after background assessment, linguistic tests and an interview. Each linguistic expert undergoes periodic quality checks, trainings and team debriefings.
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