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Linguistically & Culturally Relevant Translations

NovimedGroup is your No. 1 source for medical linguistic validation and translation services. We pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality translations in over 50 languages for clinical studies around the globe.

NovimedGroup has over 1,000 linguistic professionals in more than 50 countries ready to serve you. Our experienced translation and editorial teams deliver documents that are both linguistically accurate and culturally adaptable. And we do it all on time and within budget.

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Quality Control Process

We ensure you receive translation services that meet the highest industry standards. We adhere to ISO 17100 guidelines, the new international standard for translation services and standardization. We also comply with laws that apply to the project according to the country and medical field.

When you partner with NovimedGroup, you partner with a team of linguistic and cross-cultural experts. We assemble our translation teams based on the project specifications. Our teams consist of a local medical doctor, a project manager, an editor, interviewers, translators, and proofreaders. All of our team members undergo extensive medical and linguistic training.

Want to know the status of your project? No problem. We give all of our client’s online access throughout the linguistic process. You can watch our experts at work and discuss linguistic issues as they arise. We also share all the process documents when we complete the project. Our working protocols are flexible and adaptable to your needs.

Our Quality control department is managed by both linguistic experts and medical experts with the supervision of Dr.Mano Sarows.

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Team & Translation Process

Regional Director

Our regional director (usually an MD) ensures the accuracy of the medical language and cross-cultural adaptation throughout the project. The regional director reviews the text, determines which medical idioms should be used in the translation and addresses relevant issues.

Project Manager

Our project managers mobilize the medical translation team according to the regional director’s guidelines and project requirements. They also maintain ongoing communication with the client to ensure the final product is delivered on time and within budget.

Medical Translators

We meticulously scrutinize our medical translators and editors based on their linguistic, medical and technical skills. Why? Because medical translators are hard to find, and we want to employ the best. We require our translation team to meet the minimum criteria:

  • Medical and scientific degrees such as MD, PhD and BMedSc.
  • Extensive linguistic experience and excellent scores on our quality assurance test.
  • Native speakers of the target language with absolute command of the source language.
  • In-country residency, when relevant.
  • Knowledge of the specific document requirements, templates and guidelines.


Our editors examine the translated document’s quality and localization, and resolves style and terminology issues. Editors also make sure the translation is coherent and meets requirements.


Our linguistic proofreaders check for spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax, capitalization, abbreviations, quotation marks and spacing.