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Kazakh or Kazak, is a Turkic language of the Kipchak branch spoken in Central Asia. It is closely related to Nogai, Kyrgyz, and Karakalpak. Kazakh is the official language of Kazakhstan and a significant minority language in the Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture in Xinjiang, China, and in the Bayan-Ölgii Province of Mongolia. Kazakh is also spoken by many ethnic Kazakhs through the former Soviet Union (approximately 472,000 in Russia according to the 2010 Russian Census), Germany, Iran, Turkey, and Afghanistan.​

kazakh Translation Services

For Kazakh document translation services:

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Why Choose NovimedGroup as your Kazakh translator?

NovimedGroup provides accurate Kazakh Translation Services. We have an inhouse Language department team of 5 Kazakh professionals managing our Kazakh projects around the world. Besides them, we have 100 Kazakh language experts performing our translation projects, each specialized in another field of translations. We translate from Kazakh To English and between Kazakh and over 20 other languages.

Certified Kazakh Translation Services

NovimedGroup is a certified Kazakh translation agency: our Quality Management System is annually revised by a licensed certification body and is in compliance with the ISO 17100:2015.

NovimedGroup provides certified Kazakh translation services for medical, technical, and legal documents. We translate all immigration and official documents. We guarantee acceptance by USCIS and immigration authorities in other countries.

Kazakh Document Translation Services

We provide English to Kazakh document translation in any file format including PDF, MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Adobe InDesign, and Framemaker. When you are required to translate a document from English to Kazakh quickly and at excellent quality, look no further than NovimedGroup.

Examples of Document Translation services into Kazakh that we provided:

• Medical and hospital reports translation into Kazakh.
• Patents and associated IP documents translation into Kazakh.                                                kazakh Document Translation
• Business plans translation into Kazakh.
• Legal documents and contracts translation into Kazakh.
• Divorce decrees translation into Kazakh.
• Scientific and academic articles translation into Kazakh.
• Specifications and RFP/RFQ documents translation into Kazakh.
• Financial reports and business documents, business plans translation into Kazakh.
• Birth certificates translation into Kazakh.
• Technical manuals translation into Kazakh.
• Informed consent forms and clinical trial documents translation into Kazakh.
• Translate Employee Handbook to Kazakh.

Kazakh Website Translation

We have translated over 30 websites into Kazakh, we provide very competitive prices and high-quality solutions including coding adaptations SEO and more.

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Kazakh Medical Translation services

NovimedGroup is the first specialized medical translation company in the world. We are proud to have the best Kazakh medical translators Aboard.

Furthermore, our Kazakh translation department has a unique feature, as all of our medical documents in Kazakh are reviewed and supervised by local Kazakh native Medical doctors in various specialties:

Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Pediatrics, etc.​

Our works are reviewed constantly by our separated quality assessment department, in case there is any poor outcome you will be accordingly compensated and a full report by our quality control department will be issued and recommendations will be implemented immediately.

Our Kazakh Translation services are supervised by our Kazakh translation team, consisting of linguistic experts, project managers, and supervising doctors.

NovimedGroup provides certified Kazakh medical translation services to pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, biomedical companies, and CROs who are conducting clinical research studies in Kazakh-speaking countries. This includes:

  • Medical reports.
  • Clinical protocols and protocol synopses.
  • Informed Consent Forms.
  • Clinical trial agreements.
  • Instructions for Use (IFU) and user manuals for medical devices.
  •  Study drug labels.
  • Case Report Forms (CRF).
  • Localization of medical software.
  • Kazakh Medical Translation.
  • Kazakh Pharmaceutical Translation.
  • Kazakh Medical Document Review.
  • Kazakh Hospital Translation.
  • Kazakh Clinical Trial Translation.
  • Kazakh Medical Application Translation.
  • Kazakh Specialized Translation.
  • Kazakh Academic Translation.

Other Kazakh Translation Services

Kazakh Legal Translation

NovimedGroup provides a wide range of certified English to Kazakh and Kazakh to English legal translation services for companies that are doing business in Kazakh-speaking countries. This includes the following types of documents:

  • Contracts
  • Extradition documents
  • Immigration papers
  • Intellectual property and patents
  • Court documents
  • Employment agreement

Business Translation English To Kazakh

NovimedGroup provides high-quality English Kazakh translation of:

  • Annual reports
  • Website content
  • Business plans
  • RFP/RFQ documents
  • Proposals


For Kazakh document translation services:

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