Greek Medical Translation Services

Greek medical translation services

The Greek Language is one of the world’s oldest languages. It has the longest documented history of any living Indo-European language, spanning at least 3,500 years of written records. Greek is spoken by around 14 million native people around the world. Greek is spoken as a native language today in Greece, Cyprus, Albania, and other parts of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

Greek Medical Translation services

We are an exclusively specialized medical content translation company, medicine, clinical trials, pharmaceuticals, and in between, are our specialty.

Novimed is a leading medical translation service provider for Greek. Therefore, we have the largest and most specialized team of Greek Medical linguistic experts, Greek DTP experts, Greek native clinicians, Greek medical writers, Greek medical transcriptionists, and Greek medical interpreters.

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Novimed has long-term experience in Greek medical translation services.

Greek Medical Translation – Regulatory Education

Our Greek team is well trained and educated on the various international and local regulatory requirements related to pharmaceuticals, medical devices, clinical trials, and healthcare. Furthermore, we have a deep understanding of the local regulations including- The Greek products and drug regulatory authority’s requirements. As a specialized medical language service provider, we get down to the specificities of each project. Our teams are divided according to medical domain expertise, as well as specific field experience (For example in pharmaceutical translations materials are divided into Clinical trial content, manufacturing content, packaging content, marketing content, etc.).

Greek Medical Translation – Quality Assurance

We are ISO 17100 certified, Therefore, our process is fully compliant with the highest international quality assurance standards. Our Greek translation team is managed by an experienced native Greek medical linguist alongside a Greek medical QA specialist and validated experienced Greek translators. Furthermore, according to the working plan and specific regulations our team includes native Greek clinicians, native Greek health care providers, native Greek clinical researchers, etc.

Additionally, to the professional Greek team and customized methodology, our quality assessment process consists of both human review and technologic QA system checks (our in-house built system-Vagus QA). Both QA measures work according to the J2450 Translation Quality Metric.

Greek Medical Translation – Technologies

Novimed is the only language service provider that has medically customized language management systems.

  • Vagus TM – Our software, can provide you with the ultimate user experience in the domain. From full control over your projects, live translation follow-up, project history, built-in medical translation memory, medically customized machine translation, QA systems, payment automation, and more.
  • Valitracks – Our linguistic validation and usability testing software, will provide you with infield data about the quality of the translation, layout, and design. Any pieces that local Greek speakers cannot understand or don’t favor will be adapted accordingly.
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Greek Medical Translation – Patient Data Privacy And Security

As a specialized medical language and clinical research support provider, Novimed puts patient data security and privacy as its main concerns. Our global operations are built and audited periodically so that they comply with the industry’s best practices. Our data security experts, alongside our cyber security specialist team, consequently, revise our systems for continued compliance with any regulatory changes. Furthermore, our team searches actively to identify any security threats or weaknesses.

Our global operations are built based on the US’s HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and the EU’s (General Data Protection Regulation). Our Greek language operations are GDPR compliant.

Greek Medical Translation Fields we support

Greek Pharmaceutical Translations

Greek Clinical Trial Translations

Greek Medical Device Translations

Greek Medical Startup Translations

Greek Healthcare Translations

Greek Health Education Translations

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Value added services

Greek Linguistic Validation

In order to use medical instruments in a clinical setting, the medical instrument must go through a process of linguistic validation.

Novimed is one of the world’s leading companies in linguistic validation. Our pioneering software Valitracks is the world’s first software for CD (cognitive debriefing) and linguistic validation.


We performed numerous patient recruitment and linguistic validation processes in the Greek language within Greece and Cyprus.

Read More About Linguistic Validation.

If you want to hear more, we can also share specific case studies, and book a meeting with Novimed experts now.

Greek Translation- Third Party Review

In case you want to assess your language service provider and/or the level of the medical translation provided to you, Novimed can help you.

Our team of Greek SMEs (subject matter experts) will review the translation respecting the standard J2450 requirements, cultural aspects, specific medical domain aspects, regulatory necessities, etc.

Greek Medical Content Creation and Transcreation

Medical content creation in Greek is a task we are familiar with. Our team consists of Greek native clinical researchers, medical doctors, medical writers, reviewers, DTP and multimedia specialists, and translators. We create clinical, regulatory documentation content, and scientific content alongside commercial medical content.

Furthermore, our team creates Greek medical video content as well, including all multimedia and publishing services.

Alongside Genuine content creation, we provide Greek transaction services. Transcreation is needed in case your source text needs to be further processed and recreated before a translation is performed. Our experts will assess and recreate your texts adapting them to culture, location, regulation, language, and any other specific needs.

Read More About Medical Content Creation.

If you want to hear more, we can also share specific case studies, and book a meeting with Novimed experts now.

Greek Medical Interpretation Services

Novimed has a dedicated team of Greek native medical interprets. Our Greek interprets are pre-validated and hold local and/or global medical certifications (CMI, DPSI, NAATI).

We perform both remote and on-site interpretation. Furthermore, our in-house-built interpretation software can perform at any institution, entity, or location, Integrating with the existing operating systems.

Read More About Medical Content Creation.

If you want to hear more, we can also share specific case studies, and book a meeting with Novimed experts now.

Greek Medical Transcription Services

Novimed as an exclusively medically oriented language service provider has long-term experience in medical transcription services. We provide Greek transcription services performed by professional native Greek medical transcriptionists, supervised by our team of medical experts, doctors, and IT teams.

Read More About Medical Transcription Services.

Greek Patient Medical Document Translations

Apart from providing Greek medical language services to professional customers (healthcare institutions, pharmaceutical companies, health high-tech companies, etc.), we provide individuals, with Greek medical document translations.

Among the files that we provide Greek Medical Document Translation to:

Text list icon Diagnostic reports.

Text list icon Hospital admission.

Text list icon Hospital release notes.

Text list icon Hospital discharge summary report.

Text list icon Medical records.

Text list icon Drug prescriptions.

Text list icon Clinical ward reports.

Text list icon Scan Result reports.

Text list icon Biopsy Reports.

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