World’s first linguistic validation management software


Among the functionalities :

  • Project management: Every client and project manager is able to watch the live progression of the cognitive interview in every locality and interact with the interviewer, patient, and project manager.
  • E-forms: Valitracks creates electronic forms out of the various instruments (Pro, COA, etc.), substituting traditional paperwork for both patient and interviewer.
  • Documentation: Valitracks generates a fully documented process for the cognitive interview stage, being able to retrieve any step with a click.
  • Easy Follow-up: Valitracks enables popup messages and questions for any further follow-up with the patient.
  • Recording option: Valitracks is able to voice record the interviews, if agreed, this gives the investigators and regulators direct access to the actual interview.
  • Masked interviews: Valitracks doesn’t include any profile details and the participant’s privacy is kept on a decentralized detached network.
  • Multilingual platform: Valitracks has unlimited options for languages, covering any interview around the world.
  • Usability testing: Valitracks enables design, usability testing on the actual patients.
  • Multi-device complaint: Valitracks can be used on smartphones, computers, and tablets.
  • Time-saving: Valitracks shortens the time of the cognitive interview step by 25% according to our research.

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