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Pioneering Linguistic Validation Software

Valitracks is a pioneering and unicorn software in the field of linguistic validation. Valitracks is able to fully transform the process of linguistic validation into a digital process. Providing a customized CAT tool specially built for linguistic validation, discussion fields, virtual video cognitive debriefing interview platform, conversation recording, voice masking, identity protection, full process documentation, and more.

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Manage Your Linguistic Validation Contracting And Quoting

Valitracks has a customized ERP system that is able to manage the whole workflow of linguistic validation, adding reviewers, translators, clinicians, patients, SMEs, and any participant in the process to the workflow. Using Valitracks you will be able to send receive and send quotations, purchase orders, sale orders, and invoices, and import your workers, fees, and data into your Valitracks ERP system.

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