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NovimedGroup builds efficient and high-quality platforms that are capable of conducting medical research all over the world. We provide a smooth research process and deliver high-quality results to pharmaceutical and healthcare institutions. We do all of this with one goal in mind — to increase the quality of medicine and healthcare in less-privileged countries.

Thanks to our localized linguistic services and our research platforms, we deliver updated texts to people groups worldwide with unbiased results.

We also provide an interactive platform for patients to share their life experiences with their diseases and to get updates with relevant changes to their diseases. We give patients the opportunity to participate in research that may interest and benefit them as well.

Partner with us. We’re here to serve you with exceptional research and linguistic services to improve human health on a global scale.

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“At Novimedgroup we are aspiring to providing the perfect linguistic, cultural and professional image of your message. We try to do that by hiring the best professionals in each field and country with a scrutinized review process involving the newest technologies available in the field”

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Dr. Mano Sarows - Head of Medical Quality assesment

Dr. Sarows is an internal medicine specialist in Italy. Among his activities he is a researcher and a linguistic expert.
Nowdays he is the head of the Quality assesment team at NovimedGroup.


“As I became more involved in medical research,” says Dr. Sarows “I noticed many medical research results were filled with mistakes or not fully optimized due to a lack of high-quality standardized processes for research migration. Research migration has to include local medical linguistic experts and local medical specialist approval. NovimedGroup strives to make medical research not only available but validated linguistically to local medical professionals and their patients.”

Ms.Natalia Dobrova - Head of marketing

Ms. Dobrova is the head of our marketing department. Previously Ms. Dobrova worked as marketing expert in many leading companies in the high-tech industry.

Mr. Mark Tsipori - Head of Human Resource department

Mr. Tsipori is an expert at our human resources department. Mark has a 20 years experience in the translations industry. Mr. Tsipori has a bachelor’s degree in Manegment from the university of London.

Mr. Ahmad Albouty - Linguistic Department

Mr. Albouty is the head of our Arabic and middle eastern translation department. Mr. Albouty is involvrd in the translation industry since 2001 and has worked as the head of the Arabic language department at leading medical journals and newspapers around the world.

Mr. Ilan Ponto - Linguistic Department

Mr. Ponto is the head of our Hebrew department. Mr. Ponto himself is an Israeli linguistic expert and has worked as a Hebrew language course lecturer at many local universiteis.

Ms.Yana Linku - Linguistic Department

Ms. Linku is the head of our Slavic language department. Ms. Linku is a language lecturer and a linguistic experts involved in the industry of pharmaceutical translations.

Mr. Alessandro Bindi - Linguistic Department

The head of our linguistic department in southern Europe (Spain,france,Italy and portugal). Mr. Bindi is a linguistic expert invloved in many linguistic researches nowdays in the national linguistic insitution of Spain.

Mr. Johan Samuel - Linguistic Department

Mr. Samuel is the head of the Germanic languages department.
Mr.Samuel is a bioligist and a linguistic expert.

Mr. San Melu - Linguistic Department

Mr. Melu is a linguistic expert, previously Mr. Melu worked in the language department of private hospitals in China and Korea and maneged a local governmental program for medical tourism.

Dr. Lona Alkhier - MD's Department

Dr. Alkhier is a medical doctor from the UK. Dr. Alkhier is responsible for the medical educational department, he is responsible for debriefings of our specialists and he often collaborates with the quality assesment and standardization department to build plans according to the needs.

Mr. John Hein - Accounting Department

Mr. Hein is a professional accounting and banking expert and he is in charge of our accounting deparment.

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