Website Translation Services

Statistics show that website visitors spend twice as long and are three times more likely to buy from a website with information in their native language. Creating a multi-language web site is an efficient and cost-effective way to reach new markets and new customers. That’s why you should partner with NovimedGroup. We are a translation company that delivers website language translations that just are as effective in other languages as the original. We have proven experience and have delivered website language translation services in over 60 languages.

Website Translation Services for Small Businesses

Professional website translation services can be costly. Localizing an enterprise website not only requires a large budget, but it also requires extensive IT support. This may be problematic for small businesses that want to translate the company website at little expense and without a lot of technical support. Or sometimes, companies prefer to translate specific landing pages into other languages before launching the entire site in other languages.

This online website translation service is available in over 80 languages. This includes Spanish website translation services, English to French website translation services, and Chinese website translation services.

If you have the text for your website ready in a file, please upload the files in our instant online translation quote tool and we will provide you an instant quote.

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