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Shopping online in Arabic Countries

Arabic Translation: Important things to know if you consider to translate texts into Arabic.

The Arabic language is a Semitic language that dates for more than 2500 years ago. Actually, it is one the oldest surviving languages in the world, a mother tongue of…

Why should the Democrats consider a specialized translation agency?

This article is not intended to express political views but rather to discuss a professional question in the field of the translation industry. To those of you that didn’t hear…

Should Amazon’s Robotization Concern Other Industries?

Although this question might sound outdated, it is a growing concern and factor of concerns for many people and governments. Since the Industrial revolution back in the 18th century, technologic…
Medical Transaltion, Translate Medical

What Is Medical Translation?

When approaching this question, we need to look at the origin of medical translations and medical texts. What is a medical text, how many varieties of medical texts are there,…

10 Facts you need to know if you want to translate medical texts

So you need to acquire a new reliable partner at your company to translate your contents into various languages. You had an urgent operation while abroad and you need to…

How Much Do Translation Services Cost?

In order to answer this economic question, we’ll need to understand some economical factors that play role in the process of pricing any linguistic or translation product. First is the…

Virtual Cognitive Debriefing Enabled On Valitracks

Valitracks software was able to successfully add and use the new video conference customized platform for cognitive debriefing interviews. Valitracks team was able to provide high-quality video or/and audio interviews…

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