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Our Approach

Our QA Culture

Our quality assessment process is based on the industry’s best practices, technologies, medical domains’ needs, regulations, and experience. Our Quality assessment and assurance process is based on the broad lines of the guidelines of ISO 17100:2015. Moreover, FDA’s requirements, EMA’s requirements, ISO1348 requirements, and any specific client’s or regulatory requirements are included in our customized QA plan.


We Customize Your QA

Our deep understanding of the field led us to the customization of QA processes according to specific needs. Clinical research documents for example need a different approach and layer of QA than health blogs or medical advertisement content. We found that customizing and personalizing QA processes will speed up time turnaround as well as adjust costs properly.


Customized J2450

Historically J2450 is the accepted standard for general translation quality assessment, however, due to the fact that it was originally built for the car industry, the standard needs customization when used for medical translations. We have re-designed our QA tool based on the principles of J2450, taking into account the needs and uniqueness of the medical domains.

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