Health Education Translations

Processing Your Content

Health educational material is an integral part of medical treatment, patient informed consent, preventive medicine programs, general/specific population education, and more.

Categorizing Your Content

Health educational content is a group of undefined medical documents that are aiming to provide information for patients or the general population.

Our approach towards educational health content is to categorize it according to the following:

  • Domain.

Our team will assign a title to the text according to the health domain: Internal Medicine, Medical Instrument instructions, Drug Education, etc.

  • Goal and Authority level.

Our team will check what is the content’s final goal. General education content like health blogs (low authority), Specific therapeutic education (high authority), Preventive medicine education (high authority), and clinical trial recruiting material (high authority).

  • Regulatory Requirements.

Some of the high authority educational materials are part of regulated medical documents. According to the category, our team will provide a working plan that will ensure regulatory requirements are met. Regulatory requirements differ between countries and jurisdictions as well as use, For instance, in the US chapter, CFR 50.25 is responsible for informed consent content regulation.

Customized Plan

Our team prepares a customized program according to the categorization results. We make sure we provide you with the service you need without any Concessions.

Content with high authority will require a longer process with further steps, budget, and time turnover for each project.

For instance:

The procedure, therapy, treatment educational texts, Informed consent-related educational material, preventive medicine, etc.

Content with a lower authority will require a shorter process with fewer steps, budget, and time turnover.

For instance:

Educational health information on general health websites, health blogs, health forums, etc.

Technological Solutions

Our TMS system Vagus will be managing the translation process. The technical advantages of our Medically customized translation management system in the topic of education health information translation are numerous:

Translation Memory

Creating a client/project-specific translation memory. Translation memory will help you with several aspects of educational health information translation:

  • Harmonized content: translation memories will be able to detect any recurrent words, or sentences in your text/ project and will suggest them to the translator. The translator will reuse the storage translation instead of creating a new version.
  • Speed: translation memory will introduce saved translation options to the translators. Translators will be able to reuse these sections instead of creating a new version, saving a lot of time.
  • Cost: translation memory will enable you to pay for fewer sections when creating a new translation version. For example, when paying for repetitions, 100% matches / 70-99% matches are not charged/ charged at a lower rate.

Furthermore, our software allows you to import your previous TM. You can import your previous translation memories into our platform.


Quality assessment

Vagus QA is a customized quality assessment system, built especially for medical and healthcare content translation. QA system is customizable to the specific health domain requirements, user requirements, authority, and regulatory requirements. Moreover, the QA degree and extent are scalable according to your needs. QA system will eventually provide a rating which will lead to validating the translation, need for review, need for SME review, etc.

Machine Translation

Vagus is a smart customized TMS, the system is constantly learning to provide smarter translation solutions in the medical/ health domain. What makes Vagus machine translation different is its specificity. Unlike other translation machines which rely on translation memories from several domains (law, tourism, history, marketing, etc), Vagus extracts the information exclusively from our medical translation memories. This creates a more precise and professional machine translation. Furthermore, Vagus has the ability to be customized according to the medical subdomain as we keep our machine learning feature stratified to medical subdomains ( clinical trials, medical specialties, medical devices, etc), this subcategorization brings a more accurate outcome.

We recommend machine translation/post-translation editing if your content is of lower authority and a fast process with a lower price is preferred by you.

Other Services

Health Information Video Translation

Video content is becoming the main way of communication on the web. Medical education content is not an exception, whether your organization needs to debrief patients, educate them, provide an explanation about a procedure, educate clinicians about your medical device, create preventive medicine videos for the general population, and more.

Novimed supports the process of video content localization, our medical team of experts will be managing your content and localizing it. Depending on your needs we will be customizing a plan that will include some or all of the following services:

Video Transcription

Our video management software alongside our source language linguistic expert will produce the source video transcription.

Video Translation

Our local target language medical expert will translate the video using our video management software.

Clinical Review / Transcreation

Our clinical expert will review the translation and implement needed changes, in case the translation doesn’t suit the country, culture, or clinical language, a transcreation process will be performed by a professional medical writer with the guidance of an in-country clinician.

Dubbing and interpretation

Our in-country medical interpreter will record an interpretation of the video. Consequently, our in-country voice talent will record the interpretation accordingly to the needs of the video. A clinical review and transcreation might be needed depending on the project’s specificities.

Professional Medical Textbooks

Medical Text-Book translation

Medical textbooks are the highest authority in medicine. These textbooks are used by medical professionals for medical education, in-field updates, clinical research, etc. The authority level is high because of the target population, which is medical doctors and researchers. Furthermore, these texts are considered to be a scientific resource in the field.

Secured Quality Outcome

We provide our exceptional team’s experience, as well as infield authority subject review, to support your organization, research, and book with the highest level in medical linguistics. Furthermore, our TMS system includes official terminology medical dictionaries in over 100 languages. We can share case studies from the many successful projects that we have performed for various entities translating their medical content. Some of the clients: WHO, Unicef’s medical manuals, AIDS, UNAIDS, Dutch Ministery Of Health, etc.


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