Medical Translation

We support the whole spectrum of translation services, from layout, translation, proofreading, editing, validation, quality testing, and all the services in between.

We provide quality to your needs as we are exclusively specialized in medical and life science services, being the pioneers in setting up the best industry practices and technologies many times preceding regulation.

Covering the whole Spectrum of Medical Translations

At NovimedGroup we deeply believe specialty, dedications, and experience are irreplaceable in the field of medical linguistics. Therefore, we build unique teams, techniques, and protocols for each subcategory within the industry.

The medical device industry is a heavily regulated industry. Our medical device linguistic team consists of professionals familiar with the clinical and regulatory needs to localize your product. Furthermore, our resources and technologies are customized to your needs, creating a smooth and seamless process. Read more.

Pharmaceutical providers are often facing localization challenges as they try to reach new markets, meet regulatory deadlines or customize a local approach towards introducing their product to new markets. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with long-term experience within the pharmaceutical translation and validation industry. Read more.

Clinical trials are time-limited operations with strict regulations that apply. In order to be able to meet the various steps, we have actual clinicians, researchers alongside our linguists that accompany you in your clinical trial localization, validation, and migration. Read more.

Healthcare systems and hospitals increasingly deal with multinational crowds of patients. In order to be able to implement the best practices, translation of many files is needed. Our team consists of doctors and linguistic experts familiar with your needs to the smallest details. We have experts covering most medical specialties ( cardiology, ophthalmology, internal medicine, etc), localities, and languages. Read more.

The medical instrument’s language depends on the recipient of the text. Health educational text translation and localization require deep field knowledge in the specific country and medical specialty. When localizing education material we include clinicians that are familiar with the clinical needs, the local language, culture, and limitations of the recipient patient population. Read more.

Startups need a special approach when it comes to localization needs. Medical startups need consultation and advice as well as a special market approach depending on the locality, field, needs, and target population. We have an in-house startup support team that consists of medical specialists, clinicians, marketing specialists, regulatory specialists, and linguistic experts. Read more.

Customized Technology Solutions

NovimedGroup covers your technology needs. We develop the latest high-tech tools to manage and process linguistic projects with an emphasis on medicine, regulations, and special needs. Read more.

DTP and Layout support

Our DTP of designers and programmers will adjust the layouts, templates, and designs according to your needs, industry requirements, and our experience. Learn More.

Quality Assessment and Assurance

Our linguistic products undergo a scrutinized process of quality assurance and verification, this is performed to meet our ISO accreditations and clinical regulations. Read More.