Medical Startup Translations

Medical startups are one of the fastest growing sectors, medical high- tech stratups are expected to grow at a rate of 15.9 until 2026. Novimed, as a medical startup itself, is fully aware of the needs and challeges medical startups face. We have a long lasting proven expereice in supoporting neumerous medical startup companies, covering their localization needs including: medical content creation, medical information transltion, medical marketing content localization, expert reviews, video production and localization, etc.

Medical Start-up Translation Solutions

As startup company from the medical sector medical ourself, we understand medical start-up very well. As many startups, we came to fill a need in the market, nowadays, medical sector translations, linguistic services, localziation services and medical/text/video creation, etc, are handled, unfortunately, by general translation companies which support car-company translations as well as food industry. We believe this approach cannot suit a highly specialized and complicated sector as the medical industry including medical startups. Novimed was founded by medical doctors and clinicians therefore our approach is unique. We assure you that we provide you with the most specialized medical linguistic team in the market, as well as with the most advanced medically customized methodology and technological softwares . Quality is our main concern, therefore, we apply the most advanced customized medical linguistic QA system, furthermore, our medical TMS has the largest library of electronic medical terminology glossaries, alongside with the only exclusively medical translation memory in the market. Furthermore, Valitracks, is the first and only medical software to manage in-field linguistic validation and cognitive debriefing testing on patients, clinicians and patient’s family members.

Multilingual/Multicultural/Multilocational Content Localization

Whether your startup is a web application, medical device, pharmaceutical product, or a health mobile application you need to localize your content to many languages and localities. Novimed has successfully walked numerous partners in the medical startup community into new markets, countries, and languages.

Our suggested model of work for smooth content migration includes:

  • Working Strategy: understanding the nature of your project, limitations, expectations, needs, and aspirations is essential for setting up a successful working strategy. Our experts will set up a meeting or a series of meetings with you, to make sure we provide you with the best plan. Furthermore, our teams are excelling at complying with medical rules and regulations, as we are providing services to many entities involved in clinical research, therapies, and services (pharmaceutical companies, healthcare institutions, and CRO’s). Our Team will make sure the program has considered the specific country’s regulations, using the correct layouts/forms/designs, techniques, professionals, and data/patient data security protocols, so that your application for certification later will be smooth and effortless.
  • Building the team: we will provide you with the most qualified and specific team which will consist of all or some of the following: clinical and linguistic experts (specialty picked depending on the domain), DTP team members, software team members, video production team members, marketing and SEO team members, etc.
  • Utilizing the use of our medically customized Translation management software ( Vagus) alongside our QA functionalities (Vagus QA), Medical Glossaries and terminology banks, medical translation memory, etc.
  • Providing built-in website and mobile migration solutions: our software and team of specialists are able to use the latest technology developments to provide cost-effective solutions for your web app localization, with minimal design, version, and template challenges.
  • In-field Usability testing: Using our pioneering linguistic validation software, we are able to test your product on potential in-country users: patients, clinicians, medical teams, laboratory workers, etc.

Certified Translations

Our translation operations comply with the translation service’s ISO 17100 Standard, furthermore, we comply with the medical device quality assessment ISO standards of ISO 13485. Our quality assessment and assurance procedures are of the highest levels, with each project a customized QA plan is prepared to meet all of the quality and regulatory requirements. Read More.



Secured Operations

Novimed’s linguistic and clinical team is well educated and frequently debriefed by our IT cybersecurity team. Our operations and our software are GDRP and HIPAA compliant. Furthermore, we welcome our collaborators to audit our operation and set up with us any security checkpoints when building our working program.

Medical Start-up Content Creation

Novimed is a specialist medical content creation entity. We support medical content creation in the form of websites, articles, blogs, mobile app content, videos, webinars, books, etc.

We are enthusiastic about helping you convey your message, market your medical start-up, reach your clients or potential sponsors.

Our content creation teams include local professional medical writers, local medical doctors ( other medical experts, such as microbiologists, biochemists, biomedical engineers, etc), software developers, digital designers, etc.

Book a meeting with our content creation experts to explore our abilities and plans for you.