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Certified Interpreters

We make sure our interpreters have appropriate education and certifications. Certification and credentials differ between different geographical and jurisdictional localities. Some of the credentials we ask our interpreters to have are: ' Our American interpreters are CMI certified. Our UK interpreters are DPSI certified. Our Australian interpreters are NAATI Certified. While most countries still don’t have clear guidelines for certifying interpreters, Novimed adopted, internationally, the NBCMI guidelines. We make sure that our interpreters are compliant with these credentials and requirements.

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Medical Professionalism

Novimed is an exclusive medical language service provider. Quality medical content generation is our priority, we make sure our interpreters attend our educational courses and webinars, as well as periodic quizzes. We make sure they perceive well, new medical concepts, regulatory changes, and best practices. Our internal interpretation system divides interpreters into specialty groups. We perform an internal specialty stratification for medical interpreters. Among the specialties are oncology, Radiology, Internal Medicine, Epidemiology, and more. We select for you the proper professional depending on the context, setting, and availability.

For example, Medical conferences will need specialized and highly proficient medical interpreters as conversations and topics are very specific and discussions are being held between highly proficient clinicians. On the other hand, mostly, a general medical interpreter is good enough to assist patient-doctor interactions.

Alongside our internal training program, we customize training programs according to our specific client requirements as they largely differ. Moreover, you can provide training by your own team to our interpreters including exams and quizzes.

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Covering the whole spectrum of medical Interpretations

On-site interpretation- Our teams provide consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services on-site.

Telephone interpretation– We provide a telephone center service that redirects phone calls to our teams of interprets. We build each team according to your needs, furthermore, we provide voice encryption at random sampling for our QA team’s periodic assessments.

Video Interpretation- Lately, Video interpretation services have become the gold standard on many occasions regarding medical interpretation. The covid-19 pandemic has shown that high-quality interpretation is possible when performed remotely. However, a deep understanding of the abilities and limitations of Video/Remote interpretation services is needed. Our video interpretation solutions offer a customized program, software, and QA system alongside regulatory plan adaptation according to your needs.

Technological Solutions

We offer you technological solutions for interpretation project management. Our project management system, Vagus, is able to create both a voice and video end-to-end encrypted interpretation environment with special access ports for any project management and quality control processes. Furthermore, many healthcare points nowadays have already installed computer healthcare/hospital management systems. Our IT team is able to integrate our software solutions with your systems so that your IT team can host, manage and secure the interpretation process.

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Secured Operations

We are aware that we are not the first interpretation service provider, however, we are the only exclusively medical multinational language service provider. We believe that medical interpretation is a different concept than other fields of interpretation; therefore, a serious operation must be specialized and dedicated. We are fully medically oriented, aware and constantly educating our teams regarding patient data security codes, whether it is HIPAA, GDPR, or DP, specific hospital/ local regulations, or any privacy-related rules. Our security auditing team alongside our IT team periodically generates a safety protocol. We share these protocols with our clients and discuss them. we are open to any inputs and changes that might be suggested. Security and medicine are both dynamic and evolving fields. therefore, we offer a comprehensive customizable security approach in which we are open to audits and invite them as well. We have a 3rd party data security company that periodically audits our operations and reports accordingly. To further discuss our data security protection solutions, book a meeting with our experts.

Quality Assessment and Assurance

Our culture of quality assessment consists of many safety valves. Our valve system is organized in a downstream manner.

1- Enrollment:

Our Interpreter credentials are verified by QA specialists and according to the instructions of the guidelines an interview and/or a test are performed.

2- Guidance and Training:

Our interpreters undergo an educational course refreshing ethical guidelines, patient privacy guidelines, specific medical terminology (if a particular field is concerned), methods of operating vagus (in-house) software, and more.

3- Specific project debriefing/training:

Our project coordinator and project managers make sure our interpreters are well debriefed regarding the specificities of each project, sometimes, basic training with our QA team is needed to ensure specific project requirements are clear.


QA Check

4- Professional QA check:

Vagus linguistic management software has the ability to engage our QA team of reviewers to have random encrypted access to live ongoing interpretations ( when local regulation and client approve this), furthermore, we provide a secured port for reviews and quality assessment that the client or regulatory entities can use.

Among QA review checklist:

A- Linguistic proficiency (1-5 scale).

B- Cultural / specific case sensitivity (1-5 scale).

C- Medical proficiency (1-5 scale).

D- Ethical code compliance (1-5 scale).

E- Interaction (1-5 scale).

Finally, point (F) is an average score provided by sides of the interpretation process, regarding the interpretation ( 1-5 scale and average is generated).

We store an internal interpreter rating system with which we rate our interpreters and apply actions accordingly. The internal check gives our team and client the ability to reflect on the issues, add training, and debriefings, change methodology and keep a dynamic and transparent process of improving the services.

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