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What is medical Validation of tanslation?

Medical Validation of a translation is a process in which a local certified medical doctor, checks and validates the finally translated text.

What is medical translation?

Medical translation is the practice of translating various documents—training materials, medical bulletins, drug data sheets, etc.—for health care, medical devices, marketing, or for clinical, regulatory, and technical documentation.

How does your pricing system look like?

We will provide here a prototype of some of our linguistic service procong systmes:
Package A-
Translation + Quick review – 0.12 Euro per word in the source text.
This is recommended usually for personal use, communication between doctors, etc.
Package B-
Translation + Detailed proofreading+Summary of discussion between linguistic experts – 0.15 Euro per word in the source text, This option is a good option, as there will be at least 3, linguistic experts, translating/reviewing and discussing every piece of the text.
Package C-
Translation + Detailed proofreading + Summary of discussion between linguistic experts+Local medical doctor’s review and verification/medically verified document and Localization- 0.2 Euro per word in the source text. This is our premium plan. For clients that want to localize a products in other countries, it will include 4 linguistic experts involved in each segment of the translation and a summary of the discussion between them, eventually it will be verified and validated by a local medical doctor in the target country.

What is medical validation?

Medical validation is an official document, provided by a local medical expert. In this document, the local medical doctor approves the translation and states explicitly that it is qualified to be used in the specific field of medicine and a specific country.

Do you provide medical verification for other translation agencies?

Yes, since NovimedGroup has the pioneering system for local MD translation verification, many translation agencies use our system to legally verify the translation they performed.

How do you choose your linguistic experts?

NovimedGroup is dedicated to providing the finnest linguistic services in the medical field.We run specific test in various medical fields to allocate a field of expertise for each linguist.Furthermore, we hire linguistic experts after background assesment, linguistic tests and an innterview.Each linguistic experts undergoes quality check and quality team debriefings.

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“At Novimedgroup we are aspiring to providing the perfect linguistic, cultural and professional image of your message. We try to do that by hiring the best professionals in each field and country with a scrutinized review process involving the newest technologies available in the field”

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