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Dr.Doraid Matani
CEO and CO-FOunder

Question 1: How was NovimedGroup Founded?
In 2015, I was Already involved in the translation industry for a couple of years, as a translator and as a medical doctor. I was providing actually linguistic services in the field of medical translations, and back then I already noticed the lack of quality when it comes to medical translations, and that was majorly due to the lack of local medical experts involved in the supervision of these linguistic processes taking place.

Question 2: What’s unique about NovimedGroup?

NovimedGroup, is the first translation agency that took the step of specialization within the field of medical translations. We actually provide only medical and medical related translations, giving up a big portion of the industry.
Question 3: What made you take this decision?
This step was actually taken by us due to our deep insight into the medical field and the medical translation field, and we believe that each and every linguistic provider, must specialize in its field, but when we talk about medical translations, it’s a must, and that’s what we believe and that’s what we did in order to become a major player in the industry, and a quality player I have to say.

Question 4: What was the influence your medical education had?

As a medical doctor myself I know that specializing in each and every field in medicine takes “a bit of work”. You need about a decade to master a specialty such as ophthalmology, cardiology, and the same thing applies to medical linguistics, because a real expert in medical linguistics needs to master a field, not clinically but at least from the aspect of knowledge. This is why NovimedGroup has a network of highly specialized experts which is very unique and I am very proud of. This network is supervised by local medical doctors but is also trained all around the year and updated, in order to stay in the level that is needed because medicine is actually updating and changing every single day. That’s why I believe NovimedGroup is needed today, more than any other time.

Question 5: Tell us about your organization.

A unique quality of NovimedGroup is that it’s a network of local medical doctors that supervise the linguistic processes from a medical expert’s point of view. We make sure to have groups of translators in every field in medicine, For example, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, and other fields. We have in each field a group of local experts in each country and those experts make sure to keep all texts up to date and relevant from a medical point of view. Also, we have educational training to our linguistic experts throughout our medical experts to keep them up to date, and we are proud of these high standards and high regulations that we bring actually as pioneers in the field, in order to try to keep the same level of medical texts and medical outcomes around the world, and thus bringing to a better quality of medicine and medical therapies around the world.

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