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NovimedGroup is a medical linguistics organization that serves and supports the work of companies and researchers around the world. We partner with healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life-science institutions to better their patient research.

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Our consultants deliver actionable, cost-effective, and quality information to help you make informed and strategic marketing decisions.

Linguistic Validation

We have the worlds first and only linguistic validation software.

Medical Translation

Our teams are exclusively dealing with medical and life science texts.

Medical Interpretation

Our medical teams and customized software solution bring the best value service in the market.

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We bridge the gap between medicine, research, and linguistic text adaptation and migration.

We start by sharing our step-by-step process with clients and providing open lines of communication for the best migration results possible.

We offer online, market, and medical research recruitment through our large patient database of various chronic diseases and through our connections with hundreds of medical professionals and over 1,000 team members across 50 countries.

Our team consists of doctors, counselors, linguistic experts, and management professionals who undergo a thorough approval process. Our linguists abide by the ISO 17 100 guidelines, the new international standard in linguistic translation and validation. Plus, our medical experts adhere to their local medical regulations and universal medical codes and laws.

We update our members regarding new treatments and disease-specific research via social and educational spaces.

We provide aid to specialists and patients in less-privileged countries by incorporating them into major research projects and providing medical updates in their native languages.







Our Mission

Our strategy

NovimedGroup builds efficient and high-quality platforms that are capable of conducting medical research all over the world. We provide a smooth research process and deliver high-quality results to pharmaceutical and healthcare institutions. We do all of this with one goal in mind — to increase the quality of medicine and healthcare in less-privileged countries.​

Thanks to our localized linguistic services and our research platforms, we deliver updated texts to people groups worldwide with unbiased results.

We also provide an interactive platform for patients to share their life experiences with their diseases and to get updates on relevant changes to their diseases. We give patients the opportunity to participate in research that may interest and benefit them as well.

Partner with us. We’re here to serve you with exceptional research and linguistic services to improve human health on a global scale.

Our main trait and goal is to keep pushing a value into the world of life science linguistics.

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